Josep Mª Jujol junior

"The 17th century huge and rustic house becomes an elegant, comfortable and attractive mansion in the hands of the architect Jujol.”

Josep Mª Jujol i Gibert

The Catalan Modernist architect, Josep Maria JUJOL Gibert, son of Andreu Jujol and Teresa Gibert, was born in Tarragona on the 16th September 1879 and died in Barcelona on May the 1st, 1949. It was in this city where he completed his architectural training, finishing in 1906.

In 1904 he began to collaborate with Antoni Gaudi, a stage that was going to inspire both of their lives and would be awesomely fruitful. They both were born in Tarragona and they had the immortality of the genius in common, also their courage and the fact that they were touched by the grace of faith and creativity.

Jujol started taking orders on his own but went on working on other occasional works along with Gaudí, keeping their friendship and collaboration with the great architect until his death.

From 1908 to 1949 he intermittently started working in the city and in Tarragona on several works, emphasizing the Teatre Patronat Obrer (Metropol), the Church of Vistabella, the Parish of Guimerà, the Parish of Constantí, the Hermitage of Montferri... and he also worked on different works in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona.

In 1913 he began his intervention on Casa Bofarull, finishing its remodelling in 1933.

JUJOL is a wise man with structural, designer and revolutionary ideas. He was a very religious man.

Its architecture is simple, astonishing and contemporary.


JM Jujol jr.

Works by Josep Mª Jujol in Els Pallaresos

• CASA BOFARULL (1913-1933)


• CASA ANDREU (1920-1930)

• PARISH CHURCH (1930/1945-47)

• CASA SOLÉ (1942-44)


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